Water Saving Shower Gadget: Ladybug Adapter


Be honest: you don’t jump right into a cold shower, you let the water run until it’s warm, right? What if your shower could pause the water for you the moment it gets hot, and be ready to go without wasting any more water? The ingenious Ladybug adapter does exactly that, saving water without affecting the water flow during your shower.

Let’s say you turn on the shower to let it heat up, finish brushing your teeth, then hop in. All the water that goes down the drain after it gets warm is wasted – and wastes energy too, costing you money to heat water you don’t even use. Even a minute or two of extra flow can add up to thousands of gallons per year.

Simply screw on the Ladybug adapter between the shower arm and showerhead. Turn on the shower, and when the water gets warm (about 95F) the Ladybug’s heat sensor will cut off the flow to just a trickle. Then just pull the release when you step in – simple.

Water-Saving Shower Gadget: Ladybug Adapter

The Ladybug can pay for itself within just a few months – for example, a family of three taking daily showers would save roughly $75 in annual utility costs by cutting just one minute of wasted water flow.

Ladybug Water Saving Shower Adapter, $29.95 at Amazon (available in chrome or brushed nickel finish).