Viatek G-NER-G Power Saving Device Claims to Reduce Home Energy Use


We’ve never seen this before, and we can’t quite wrap our heads around the underlying concept of how it works. But if the manufacturer’s claims are accurate, every home should have one of these bad boys plugged in to the wall.

The G-NER-G device claims to cut energy usage up to 35% by stabilizing the electrical current in your home, reducing power surges and electrical noise. It plugs into a regular AC outlet in your home, and uses something called a “harmonic resistant capacitor” to deliver a more efficient flow of electricity to your appliances.

Viatek G-NER-G Power Saving Device Claims to Reduce Home Energy Use

This didn’t really answer our questions about how it works.

Here’s the manufacturer’s description of the process:

“G-NER-G works by reducing the amount of power drawn from your utility company using a harmonic resistant capacitor. By optimizing the efficiency in which energy is drawn into to your home appliances, and storing the energy that is normally wasted, G-NER-G begins working as soon as you plug the unit it, saving you money every month. Customer can plug unit into any outlet, but recommends to plug in closest to where you are looking to reduce amperage (i.e. your laundry room for the washing machine, the living room for your television).”

So there you have it. If you’re interested, you can view a PDF of the product manual here.

Viatek G-NER-G Energy Saving Device

The Viatek G-NER-G Energy Saving Device is available for $44.95 at Amazon, but there are no user reviews yet to evaluate its effectiveness.

If you’ve used the Viatek G-NER-G, leave a comment below and let us know if it works!