Tiocoat: Durable, Reflective Roof Coating

Tiocoat Durable Reflective Roof Coating

Two key elements of green building are energy efficiency and longevity (since rebuilding and replacing materials is a waste of time and resources). DuRock’s Tiocoat is an easy-to-apply roofing material that extends the life of a roof while dramatically reducing heat absorption.

Tiocoat is an elastomeric, reflective roof coating that can be applied to existing roofs, either by spraying or rolling it on like paint. Once dry it creates a seamless, flexible seal that protects the roof surface.

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Tiocoat Durable Reflective Roof Coating

Tiocoat reflects 89% of solar energy, which keeps the building cool and drastically reduces the need for air conditioning, and reduces the “heat island” effect that results when buildings absorb and hold the sun’s energy. Tiocoat prevents UV and heat damage to roof membranes and structure as well.

Besides reducing energy costs and prolonging the life of your roof, Tiocoat can help earn points toward LEED certification. Learn more at the Tiocoat website.