Solatube Skylights Bring Natural Light Indoors

Solatube Skylights Bring Natural Light Indoors

The most energy-efficient light source in a home isn’t a high-tech bulb or fixture – it’s natural daylight.  Solatube skylights can help homeowners minimize their need for electric lighting and maximize the use of daylight throughout their homes.

Traditional “window-style” skylights can only be incorporated in certain areas of a roof structure, and can only service the uppermost floor of a home.  They can be difficult to insulate (making indoor temperature regulation a challenge), and up to half of the available light can be lost as it passes down through a shaft of painted drywall.

Solatube Skylights Bring Natural Light Indoors

Cutaway View Of Solatube Skylight

The innovative Solatube design solves these problems by using a small dome-shaped light collector on the roof, which draws light down into the home through a highly reflective tube.  The tube easily passes between structural rafters, and it can curve to follow interior walls (making it possible to provide skylight illumination even for a downstairs room).

Solatube Skylights Bring Natural Light Indoors

Solatube Light Comes From A Compact Dome Installed On The Roof

A Solatube typically connects to a diffuser in the ceiling that mimics a recessed light fixture.  A variety of lens filters are available to adjust the type of light cast by the Solatube, and remote-controlled dimmers are even offered with some models.

Solatube Skylights Bring Natural Light Indoors

Interior Hallway Before & After Solatube Installation

Besides providing a free source of pleasant, natural light, Solatubes can contribute to LEED and Energy Star accreditation for homes or commercial structures, and they can also qualify for energy-efficiency tax credits.  Learn more or locate a dealer by visiting the Solatube website.




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