Serious Windows: High R-Value Replacement Windows

Energy-Efficient Serious Windows

Windows are literally huge holes in the side of your house – so ensuring they’re well sealed and insulted is essential for an energy-efficient home.  Serious Windows are aptly named, combining glass/film panes and fiberglass frame construction to create some of the most efficient windows around.

Energy-Efficient Serious Windows

Serious Windows Installed In Net-Zero Energy House In Fraser, CO

Manufactured by California-based Serious Materials, the same company that produces EcoRock drywall, these windows deliver exceptional thermal performance.  Although the glass panes themselves are important in any energy efficient window, Serious Windows also offer an innovative frame design that outperforms most competitors.  They deliver an R-value of up to 11, compared to the R-2 rating of an average dual-pane window.

Energy-Efficient Serious Windows

Typical Dual-Pane Window Design (left) vs. Serious Insulated Window (right)

Using fiberglass framing instead of aluminum drastically cuts the amount of heat that passes through the window assembly, and the frame structure of the Serious Windows is thoroughly insulated.  In fact, the thermal barrier is so complete that they were chosen to be installed in an Oregon “Passive House” project, which focuses on maximizing the sealing and insulation of a home.

To learn more or to find a distributor, visit the Serious Materials website.