Mineral Paints Are Nontoxic, Breathable, Absorb CO2

San Marco Mineral Paints

Many homeowners have begun to shy away from traditionally manufactured paints, opting instead for non-toxic formulations free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  But an even healthier option may be mineral-based paints like those from San Marco, which naturally help control mold and moisture problems and even absorb carbon dioxide out of the air.

San Marco Mineral Paints

Commercial Application Of San Marco Mineral Paints In Venice, Italy (image: San Marco USA)

The concept of San Marco’s mineral paints is ancient, dating back to the middle ages or even Roman times.  Potassium silicate and lime wash paints are derived from naturally occurring mineral sources, and some even use earth-based mineral pigmentation for coloring.

According to the manufacturer,
“Essentially, mineral paints petrify, by binding to any silicates within the substrate, forming a micro-crystalline structure and a breathable finish. Being more of a stain, they become integral to the substrate rather than a coating.”

San Marco Mineral Paints

(image: San Marco USA)

San Marco’s mineral paints are up to 95% breathable.  Combined with a permeable building material like clay brick, this allows natural temperature and humidity control, and the paints’ natural alkalinity also inhibits mold growth without any toxic additives.  These are major advantages, since humidity and mold have been linked to various respiratory problems and “sick building syndrome”, and can also necessitate expensive structural repairs.

These mineral paints aren’t just human-friendly, they’re eco-friendly too:  they avoid the use of petro-chemicals, and since they absorb carbon dioxide out of the air as they cure, they can actually serve as a built-in air filtering material.

Visit the San Marco website to learn more about their mineral paints and plasters or to find a distributor near you.