Rootcup: Ready Plant Cuttings In (Clever) Style


Looking to add a little bit of leafy green ambiance to your house? Maybe your neighbors are willing to share samples of their thriving gardens? Rootcup is an ingeniously simple little gadget to help prepare plant cuttings for repotting. Michael Good, its creator and a former Apple engineer who did design work on the iPhone 5, sees it as a chance to help green the world one home at a time.

The durable and recyclable little cup suspends a plant cutting in water while it sprouts roots, then makes the transfer into a pot for planting simple. And the manufacturing process offers its own contribution to the community. In a recent Treehugger interview, Good states, “I like local manufacturing, so I committed to assembling rootcup where I live, San Francisco. Rootcup is assembled at a rehabilitation workshop that hires people who were previously unemployable due to disability.”

Rootcup: Ready Plant Cuttings In (Clever) Style Rootcup: Ready Plant Cuttings In (Clever) Style

Interested in bringing a little bit of the great outdoors into your home? Learn more about the Rootcup (or order your very own) at their website,