Recycled, Composite Permeable Pavers: Azek Vast


These ingenious composite pavers are one of the coolest products we’ve seen in a while. They’re durable and easy to install, plus they’re amazingly eco-friendly: made from recycled material with a low embodied energy content, permeable for drainage, and offering substantial LEED credits.

Produced from approximately 95% post-consumer recycled material, Azek Vast permeable pavers are a composite masonry from scrap plastics and rubber. They are also 100% recycleable into new pavers. According to the Minnesota-based manufacturer, their production consumes 94% less energy than similar concrete products. The Azek Vast pavers are lightweight as well, which means they are versatile for applications like roof decks, and also means less embodied energy from transportation.

Recycled, Permeable Composite Pavers: Azek Vast

The pavers are durable, slip resistant, and available in a wide range of colors. Installation is a breeze with the integrated grid pattern, meaning project time is cut by an average of 65%. Some versions of the system are permeable to allow stormwater runoff and groundwater infiltration, and the Vast pavers aren’t just for walkways and patios – they can even stand up to vehicular traffic on driveways.

Recycled, Permeable Composite Pavers: Azek Vast

Vast pavers can contribute LEED credits in several areas, including “Recycled Content”, “Stormwater Design”, “Regional Materials”, “Heat Island Effect”, and “Construction Waste Management”. Visit the Azek Vast website to learn more or find a distributor: