Reclaimed Wood Flooring, Paneling, Countertops: Viridian

Reclaimed Wood Flooring, Paneling, Countertops: Viridian

Utilizing reclaimed wood is a one way to substantially “green-ify” a building or renovation project. Oregon-based Viridian Wood Products offers a range of unique, high-quality flooring and other wood building materials, and it all comes from an unexpected source.

Most companies dealing in reclaimed wood obtain it from the demolition and deconstruction of old buildings (for example, the Timeless Materials Co. sources materials from its sister operation, a demolition company). But Viridian’s founders discovered a virtually endless supply of wood right in their backyard: the Port of Portland’s shipping terminals.

Used shipping crates and pallets from around the globe were being broken down and trucked to Portland-area landfills at a staggering rate – dozens of 30-yard dumpster loads each day. But since they started operating in 2004, Viridian founders Joe Mitchoff and Pierce Henley have refined their reclamation process to repurpose or recycle over 99% of the material that comes into their facility.

The process starts at their 40,000 square-foot warehouse, located adjacent to the port. All raw material is separated by hand, and the scrap wood and other waste material gets recycled. The best wood is sorted by type and hardness and then kiln-dried to sterilize it. Most is sent to a local mill for processing, while some material goes to a manufacturer who produces Viridian’s line of tabletops. Click here for a very cool infographic on Viridian’s wood reclamation process.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring
Viridian provides several distinctive varieties of wood flooring. Their popular “Jakarta Mix” blends consist of tropical lowland hardwoods from Asia in a wide range of colorations; European Beech, Douglas Fir, and several varieties of Oak are also available.

For Viridian’s customers, one of the biggest advantages is the consistency resulting from such a large and continuous pool of source material. If a homeowner needs to match flooring for a repair or future renovation, Veridian is one of the few reclaimed wood suppliers who can consistently match wood species and grains.

Upcycled Wood Countertops & Tables

Upcycled Wood Countertops & Tables
Catering to commercial restaurants and offices as well as residential applications, Viridian produces a range of beautiful and sustainably-produced wood surfaces. Besides the inherent eco-friendliness of using FSC-certified 100% recycled wood, Viridian also utilizes low-VOC finishes.

Salvaged Timber Decking & Beams

Reclaimed Tropical Hardwood Decking
The Asian hardwoods that make up Viridian’s “Jakarta Blend” flooring also work beautifully for outdoor decking applications. The durable decks can be left unfinished for a weathered patina or stained to a homeowner’s specifications, and Viridian offers a hidden clip fastener system for a clean-looking installation.
Reclaimed Douglas Fir Beams
Many of the structural beams Viridian offers come from sources like old warehouses, docks, and gymnasiums. Their west-coast location means much of this material is beautiful old-growth Douglas Fir, and Viridian sells only top-grade beams (rated C&Btr, industry-speak for “grade C and better”). They carry a huge stock, including massive pieces over 40′ long, so they can meet the needs of nearly any building project.

Recycled Hardwood Veneers

Reclaimed Old-Growth Hardwood Veneers
Old-growth Redwood from wine storage tanks, Oregon Black Walnut salvaged from historic buildings, and old-growth Douglas Fir are transformed into truly unique veneer panels by Viridian’s local manufacturing partners. Ideal for cabinetry and walls, the panels generally use either FSC-certified plywood or MDF substrates; Viridian can also utilize fire-rated core materials at the customer’s request.

Viridian’s staff included LEED APs, and their range of materials can contribute various credits toward LEED certification. Learn more about the reclamation process and the various products offered at the Viridian Wood Products website.

Image credits: Viridian Wood Products