Philips LED Light Bulb Wins L-Prize, Arrives In Stores

Philips LED Light Bulb Wins L-Prize, Arrives In Stores

LED light bulbs just keep improving. Their energy efficiency has always been excellent, and their quality and performance are better than ever. With a kick-start from the US Department of Energy’s L-Prize competition, Philips has developed one of the best LED bulbs ever to hit the market.

Philips LED Light Bulb Wins L-Prize, Arrives In Stores
So what exactly makes the new Philips bulb unique?

Even Light Distribution

While many LED bulbs cast most of their light from the top of the bulb, the light emitting diodes within Philips bulb are oriented to cast even, omnidirectional illumination.

Quality of Light

Unlike the harsh blue glare of early LED bulbs, the Philips bulb casts a warm glow. The phosphor coating (which appears yellow when the bulb is off, but disappears when lit) delivers a warm 2,727K color temperature and a color rendering index (CRI) of 93.


Many compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and early LED bulbs were not compatable with dimmer switches; however, the new Philips bulb is fully dimmable down to 10% light levels.

Environmental Friendliness

The Philips bulb consumes just 10 watts of power while matching the performance of a 60-watt incandescent bulb, casting 940 lumens. That translates into electricity costs of just over a dollar per year when using the bulb several hours each day. Plus it emits virtually no ultraviolet or infrared light, and contains no mercury.

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If you think the L-Prize bulb looks similar to the Philips AmbientLED bulb, that’s no accident – the AmbientLED incorporated some of the L-Prize design features while Philips continued refining this newer bulb. The new Philips bulb is assembled in the United States, and it’s rated to last for over 30,000 hours (meaning it will pay for itself even if you purchased it at its original full retail price of $49). And many local utility companies are offering subsidies or rebates that will further drop the cost for homeowners.

Philips L-Prize 60-Watt Replacement LED Light Bulb, on sale for $32.99 at Amazon (original retail price was $49.99).

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