Philips Ambient LED Light Bulb – Dimmable Indoor Flood Light

Best Indoor Flood Light: Philips Ambient LED Light Bulb

Hot on the heels of their new L-Prize winning LED light bulb, Philips has released an outstanding LED flood light for indoor use. The Ambient LED flood bulb is equivalent to a 65-watt incandescent bulb, and casts a warm even light.

The Philips Ambient LED light bulb uses just 13 watts of power, meaning estimated savings of $143 over the course of the bulb’s lifespan. Used 3 hours per day, the bulb will last for over 20 years, which also means fewer trips up the ladder to replace hard-to-reach lights. Best Indoor Flood Light: Philips Ambient LED Light Bulb The Philips bulb delivers 730 lumens with a warm 2,700K color temperature, so it truly does match the look and brightness of an incandescent. Unlike CFLs (compact fluorescent lightbulbs) it’s dimmable and turns on instantly, plus it contains no mercury. True, the Philips bulb costs a bit up front, but it pays for itself several times over during its lifespan. Philips Ambient LED 13 Watt Indoor Flood Light, $31.50 at Amazon.

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