nPower PEG: Kinetic Energy Charges Devices As You Move

nPower PEG Kinetic Energy Mobile Device Charger

Sometimes, handheld electronics like your phone or iPod need to be recharged when there isn’t a plug in sight. Solar device chargers are one option, but nPower has come up with an alternative: the PEG (Personal Energy Generator) turns kinetic energy from your movement into usable power.

Made in the USA at Tremont Electric’s Cleveland, OH headquarters, the nPower PEG is just 10.5″ long and contains a 2000mAh lithium ion polymer battery. Tuck the PEG in a pocket or backpack, and passive motion charges the battery while walking, cycling, or even bumping along a rough road in a car. The battery can also be pre-charged from a USB outlet to keep as a backup power source.

nPower PEG Charges Devices As You Move

nPower points out that the PEG may not be quite enough to take energy-thirsty devices like iPhones completely off-grid, but it significantly extends their usability. And it doesn’t rely on sunny weather, so it’s perfect for applications like camping or emergency use: according to nPower, vigorously shaking the PEG for several minutes will provide enough juice to make a call from a dead cell phone.

nPower PEG Kinetic Energy Mobile Device Charger

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