Net Zero Energy Karuna House: LEED + Passive House + Minergie = Green Building Triple Crown

Net zero energy Karuna House
Located in Yamhill County, Oregon, the Karuna House is a recently completed collaboration from Holst Architecture and Hammer & Hand builders. Utilizing an extremely high performance building envelope and solar design, the net zero energy home is the first one to achieve all three top green building certifications.

Net Zero Energy Karuna House

The home is so energy efficient, in fact, that its energy needs are served by a small solar array. Yet the Karuna house design still provides a large living space, as well as an unusually high proportion of glazing to opaque walls (translation: lots of windows, instead of easier-to-insulate solid walls).

Net Zero Energy Karuna House

A few of the unique features integrated into the Karuna House design:

  • High-performance windows and shading systems to take advantage of solar gain from sunlight
  • Daiken Altherma air-to-water heat pump, which provides all domestic hot water as well as radiant floor heating
  • Air- and water-tight wall construction that delivers incredible insulation (with an R-value of nearly 60!!!) yet remains vapor permeable
  • GeoFoam EPS (expanded polystyrene) foundation insulation
  • Heat recovery ventilation system that captures and re-uses 90% of the heat from exhaust air
  • 9.9 kilowatt photovoltaic array (that earns extra “green” credit for being locally sourced from Oregon-based SolarWorld)

Net Zero Energy Karuna House

For more info and specs, visit the Hammer & Hand website:

(images: Hammer & Hand)