Metal Roofs: Durability, Energy Efficiency, Cost Savings

Metal Roofs Offer Durability, Energy Efficiency, Cost Savings

Once a common feature of American architecture, metal roofs are making a comeback. Metal is one of the most durable and most energy-efficient roof materials available, easily outperforming asphalt shingles, wood shakes, or tiles. It’s lightweight and impervious to fire, water, rot, and insect damage, and forget the airplane-hangar aesthetic – – new products offer style options for any home.

Key to any product’s overall efficiency is its durability, and a roof that lasts for decades eliminates the expense, energy and waste of a roof that needs more frequent replacement. Modern metal roofs are frequently warranted for 50 years, and may easily last twice that long.

Metal Roof Designed To Mimic A Traditional Slate Roof

Metal Roofs Can Replicate Traditional Roof Styles (image: Interlock Roofing)

Initial installation costs can be higher than alternatives like asphalt shingles, but a metal roof will more than pay for itself. Metal roofs can be eligible for energy-efficiency incentives and rebates, and they can add $1-2 per sq/ft to a home’s value. Homeowners usually enjoy reduced insurance premiums thanks to a metal roof’s durability, and the reflectivity compared to a shingle roof can drastically reduce solar gain (heat energy absorbed from the sun) and its associated cooling costs in hot weather.

Metal Roofs Are Extremely Energy Efficient

Metal Roofs Are Extremely Energy Efficient (image: Interlock Roofing)

Metal roofs are typically constructed of aluminum, steel, or copper, which makes using recycled source materials easy (as well as recycling an old metal roof down the road). New designs can mimic the look of traditional shingle-style roofs, so homeowners don’t need to settle for an industrial look to enjoy their performance advantages. And metal roofs are perfect for homes with rainwater collection systems, since they are entirely nonporous and easily shaped to channel rainwater runoff.

Metal Roofs Are Available In A variety Of Styles & Designs

Metal Roofs Are Available In A variety Of Styles & Designs (image: Interlock Roofing)

A metal roof’s energy efficiency and recycled content means it can help a home earn LEED certification and Energy Star rating.  Learn more about metal roofs at the U.S. Green Building Council website or the Interlock Roofing website.