Luxury Water Recycling Shower: Water Conservation & Huge Cost, Energy Savings

Orbital Systems Water Recylcing Shower
By filtering water to standards even higher than the tap water it starts with, this closed-loop water recycling shower system from Swedish firm Orbital Systems could deliver the best shower you’ve ever had – along with staggering reductions in your resource usage and power bill.

How does it work? Water is purified as it moves through the system, but it the system also saves energy by recovering most of the heat from the “used” water. Orbital Systems estimates that their design would use 90% less water and 80% less energy than a traditional residential shower.

The system also doesn’t require any compromise on comfort. In fact, since the water in the system is re-used, the system can deliver a drenching flow rate of up to 24 liters per minute (which would be extremely wasteful if it was a traditional shower). The water pressure and temperature regulation are much more precise as well, since the heated water doesn’t need to travel all the way from a basement unit.

Orbital Systems Water Recylcing Shower

The digitally monitored filtration system is said to remove up to 99.96% of toxins, 99.95% of cysts, and 99.995% of micron-size particulates in water. The specifics of the filtration technology are still under wraps, but the Orbital Systems patent may offer some clue to the technology they use by referring to its “electropositive nano-ceramic filter, e.g. a nano alumina (fiber) filter”.

The Orbital Systems website features a nifty calculator to help estimate the cost savings from a system like theirs. As an example, a family of 4 in the United States could easily save $1,500 annually thanks to reduced water and energy consumption.

Check out the Orbital Systems website for more info and technical specs:

(images via Orbital Systems)