Lumboo: Super-Strong Engineered Bamboo Lumber

Lumboo Engineered Bamboo Lumber

Bamboo is incredibly durable, it’s one of the most sustainable building materials around, and it happens to look darn good too. These advantages have long made bamboo flooring a popular choice for homeowners, and now San Diego-based Cali Bamboo has applied the inherent advantages of bamboo to its unique Lumboo engineered lumber.

Lumboo Engineered Bamboo Lumber

Similar to engineered lumber from wood products (often known as “LVL” or laminated veneer lumber), Lumboo is made from strands of material that are woven together, then bonded with resin and compressed.¬†However, the natural strength and density of the bamboo strips compared to wood give Lumboo amazing structural integrity. Lumboo is so dense, in fact, that attachments need to be made using pre-drilled screw holes (forget about nailing into it).

Lumboo isn’t just eco-friendly in theory, it “walks the walk” as well. Cali Bamboo only uses low-VOC resins in its engineered Lumboo, and the high silica content in bamboo lumber makes it naturally termite resistant. Lumboo is available in standard 1×4, 2×4, 2×6, and 4×4 dimensions.

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