Lowe’s + Sungevity Partnership: Solar Leasing, Instant Quotes

Lowes Sungevity Residential Solar Partnership

Home improvement giant Lowe’s has announced a plan to offer customers access to Sungevity’s innovative iQuote solar energy assessment system.  The in-store process will give homeowners on-the-spot estimates of energy savings from a solar system in their particular area, as well as same-day installation quotes without the need for a home visit.

The iQuote system uses data like electricity usage patterns and resources such as satellite imagery to assess what type of Sungevity solar array would be appropriate for a specific location, and also what kind of performance and cost savings a homeowner could expect.  Customers can even view a mock-up rendering of the array that would be installed on their home – all from within the Lowe’s store.
Lowes Sungeviety Residential Solar Power
Sungevity is a fast-growing residential solar firm that offers solar leasing options to homeowners, which help to dramatically offset the initial investment.  According to Sungevity, “Customers typically experience an immediate savings on their electricity bills through Sungevity’s solar lease, which includes monitoring, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and a money-back performance guarantee.”

Lowe’s will begin offering the service this summer in select locations, and plans to eventually phase in the partnership in all states where Sungevity operates (currently Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York).

Visit the Sungevity website for more information.