LEED-Gold Luxury: South Boston’s Macallen Building

Who says environmentally friendly architecture can’t be stylish and luxurious too? The Macallen Building in South Boston, which integrates some innovative design features with high-tech creature comforts, recently became the city’s first LEED-certified residential property.

LEED-Gold Luxury: South Boston's Macallen Building

Boston’s LEED-Gold Macallen Building During Construction (image: Bovis)

One of the most unique elements of the structure, developed by Pappas properties, is a staggered truss support system which eliminates the need for structural columns, and maximizes the amount of natural light that can be introduced. Other less-visible innovations also helped the Macallen Building achieve a LEED Gold certification, including:

– Hot tap water that is preheated by the building’s exhaust air system
– The use of recycled materials in insulation, flooring, and countertop surfaces
– A vegetated “green roof” that reduces stormwater runoff and aids insulation
– The recycling of 90% of construction waste
– Ensuring indoor air quality through extensive fresh-air venting and the use of low-VOC finishes
– An energy-efficient central HVAC system, with a cooling tower that utilizes a chemical-free water treatment system
– Pedestrian-friendly location and in-building hybrid ZipCar access, to reduce vehicle dependency for residents

Boston's LEED-Gold Macallen Building

Green Roof Terrace Design, Macallen Building (image: Bovis)

The exterior of the 14-story, 139-unit building was tailored to blend with the surrounding community as well. Calling it “a distinctive yet natural addition the the historic South Boston neighborhood”, construction management firm Bovis Lend Lease notes that “Its modern steel and glass north façade reflects downtown Boston’s office towers, while the southern brick façade bows to the City’s more historic architecture.”

Boston's LEED-Gold Macallen Building

Swimming Pool At Macallen Building (image: Bovis)

More details can be found at the Macallen Building website.