LED Globe Light Bulb – Philips 40-Watt LED Replacement


Following the release of their highly successful SlimStyle LED light bulb, the folks at Philips have returned with another innovative entry in the LED bulb category. This decorative G25 globe-style bulb sparkles just like an incandescent filament bulb, yet delivers all the performance of an LED.

Recent advances in LED bulb designs have seen a dramatic improvement in the type and quality of light they provide. They can now match the warm glow of a traditional incandescent bulb, yet many of the bulbs themselves have a bit of a sci-fi high-tech look that is best covered by a lampshade.

Not so with the Philips LED globe – the bulb itself is meant to be showcased, and it’s perfect for applications like vanity lights and bathroom fixtures with exposed bulbs. By positioning the diodes in the base of the bulb and adding a multi-faceted prism to scatter the light, Philips has recreated the sparkle of a clear globe incandescent bulb.

The 40-watt equivalent bulb uses just 4.5 watts of electricity, and it’s fully dimmable. It casts a warm soft white light, producing 330 lumens with a color temperature of 2700K. An added advantage of the LED bulb for use in areas like bathrooms or vanities (besides the nearly 90% energy savings compared to an incandescent bulb) is the lack of heat output. A full row of 40-watt incandescent globes generates a surprising amount of heat, which can quickly turn a small room into a hot & stuffy space, while the LEDs produce virtually no wasted heat energy.


Philips Model 454496 40-watt Equivalent G25 LED Globe Light Bulb (Clear), available at Amazon for around $7.