Jobe’s Organic Fertilizers for Fruits, Vegetables, & Gardens


Springtime has sprung – soon flowers will be blooming and vegetables will be sprouting. Maybe your garden needs a little jumpstart, but there’s no need to flood the soil with artificial chemicals. Jobe’s produces a line of 100% organic fertilizers that deliver fast and effective results.

In addition to their organic formulation, Jobe’s fertilizers are unique because they contain substantial amounts of a soil-friendly bacterium called Archaea (known as BioZome in their product line). Archaea aggressively breaks down minerals and compounds in the soil, transforming them into nutrients that plants can actually absorb and utilize.

Jobe’s granular fertilizers are available in an All Purpose blend, plus several formulations for specific plantings including Vegetable & Tomato, Fruit & Citrus, Rose & Flower, and Azalea, Camellia & Rhododendron. Jobe’s also produces an excellent compost starter mix, which can help keep your home compost pile working at maximum efficiency.

Jobe’s organic fertilizers are available from Amazon, and the price for a 4-lb. bag ranges from about $7- $14 (depending on the formulation).

Jobe's Organic Fertilizer for Fruits, Vegetables, & Gardens