Home & Indoor Composting Made Easy

Indoor Composting Made Easy

Want to start composting your organic waste, but not sure where to begin? Or maybe you’re looking for some tips to improve your home or indoor composting routine? The folks over at Earth911 have published a handy guide to home composting, full of simple tips and explanations.

The “Composting Cheat Sheet” offers a simplified overview of the composting process, as well as key information to help make home composting successful. Can you put those coffee grounds in your compost? What about meat scraps? Does compost smell? (Coffee grounds are fine by the way, but skip the meat scraps – and no, a properly managed compost pile doesn’t smell!)
Home Composting Made Easy
The guide includes a detailed list of what’s ok to compost and what not to add to the mix, and also tips to make household composting easier. For example, when it comes to managing compostable food waste, keep a simple indoor compost bin in the kitchen or freeze scraps in a ziplock bag until you’re ready to put them outside.

Read the whole guide at the Earth911 website.