Holiday Gift Guide – The Modern Enviro Top 10

The holidays are a time to relax and spend time with those important to you… and just maybe to treat them (and yourself!) to a little something nice.  For our holiday gift guide we’ve collected our top ten favorite environmentally friendly gift ideas, which are also darn clever examples of smart design.  Happy Holidays!

1,2,3: Support A Good Cause

Support A Good Cause This Holiday

Sometimes the perfect thing isn’t even a thing.  And supporting a cause close to you on behalf of a friend or loved one is even easier than a gift card.  These are three of our favorites:

1. Habitat for Humanity has been helping provide housing for those in need since 1976, and they’re dedicated to sustainable building practices too.  Visit the Habitat shop for a gift that will support this great organization.

Visit the Habitat For Humanity Shop.

2. Oceana works tirelessly to keep our oceans healthy.  Visit the Oceana Store to adopt a dolphin or polar bear, or find gifts like cards or cookie cutters.

Visit the Oceana Store.

3. NRDC, the Natural Resources Defence Council, has a huge collection of donation gift ideas.  From planting a tree in the Costa Rican rainforest to supporting renewable energy, you can match your gift to any recipient.

Visit the Natural Resources Defense Council and click the “Green Gifts” button.


4: Solio Classic-i Solar Device Charger

Solio Classic-i Solar Device Charger

A solar charger is great for a gadget lover, and it provides a power source even when there is no wall plug in sight.  The Solio Classic-i Hybrid can be used as a charger for small electronics like phones and iPods, or as a backup battery to store juice for later.
Solio Classic-i Solar Device Charger, on sale at Amazon for $85.99 (normally retails for $99).


5: Areaware Beechwood Tool Set

Areaware Beechwood Tool Set

Tools are used to make cool stuff, but the tools themselves should be well crafted and designed as well.  This compact tool kit designed by Jonas Damon contains a flashlight, level, measuring stick, and multi-head screwdriver, and the tools are fashioned from sustainable new-growth beech wood
Areaware Beech Wood Tool Set, $95.00.


6: UrBin Grower Garden Package

UrBin Grower Garden Package

One step toward sustainable eating is consuming locally produced food – – and it doesn’t get any more locally produced than when it comes from your own garden, even if you live in the city.  The UrBin Grower garden makes it easy with everything you need including two growing pods, a self-watering system and optimized soil formulation.
UrBin Grower Garden Package, $79.95.


7: Grain Surfboard Kit

Grain Surfboard Kit

Maine-based Grain Surfboards creates environmentally friendly, rideable art.  Their beautifully crafted surfboards are produced from local, sustainably grown wood products, and now you can build your own board with one of their ready-to-go kits.  A variety of shapes is available, with designs from industry icons like Rob Machado and Al Merrick.
Grain Wood Surfboard Kits, starting at $520.


8: Brinca Dada Emerson Model House

Brinca Dada Emerson Model House

Windows are positioned for maximum natural lighting, and environmentally friendly features abound like lead-free paints and LED lighting powered by solar panels.  Not bad for a home that measures 30″x21″x18″, right?  Perfect for inspiring the next Frank Lloyd Wright.
Brinca Dada Emerson Model House, $299.00.


9: North Face Treehugger 32 Backpack

North Face Treehugger 32 Backpack

This is no simple book bag – the 1,950 cubic-inch Treehugger hides some seriously technical features inside a sleek body.  The body is constructed of rip-stop wool fabric, and the webbing, foam, and buckles are made from recycled plastic and polyester.
North Face Treehugger 32 Backpack, $149.00.


10: Pigeon Toe Ceramics Pottery

Pigeon Toe Ceramics Pottery

Pigeon Toe Ceramics, located in Portland, Oregon, uses locally sourced clay and a kiln powered by solar and wind energy to create their beautiful pottery.  Browse their collection for one-of-a-kind gifts ranging from tree ornaments to carafes.
Pigeon Toe Ceramics, prices vary