High-Performance Water Conservation: Icera Toilets


A new toilet may not seem quite as glamourous as other home improvements, but Icera toilets pack some pretty high-tech features into their product line. Icera’s Hyperion flush system delivers even better performance than many standard models, and uses far less water to do it.

Reducing household water use isn’t just environmentally friendly, it’s cost-effective too. But many homeowners are still wary of “low flush” toilets, fearing they may be prone to clogging. Dual-flush toilets can be one good option, especially for retrofits. If you’re replacing a toilet though, consider a truly water efficient model that performs just as well as an old water hog.

High-Performance Water Conservation: Icera Toilets

What’s Icera’s secret? There are several design features that help the Hyperion system… ahem… keep things moving. First, an extra large water surface area helps keep the bowl clean. Bigger trapways and flush valves produce serious flushing force with minimal resistance. Finally, precision water channeling and an antimicrobial MicroGlaze finish help to quickly clear the bowl.

High-Performance Water Conservation: Icera Toilets

The Icera line of toilets use a maximum of 1.28 gallons of water per flush (compared with the industry standard of 1.6+ gpf), yet they are rated to clear double the normal amount of waste. Their performance makes them EPA WaterSense compliant, and they can also earn credits toward LEED certification.

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