Green Renovation Made Easier: Bully Flooring Removal Tool

Green Renovation Made Easier: Bully Tools Flooring Remover

One of the many components of a sustainable home is the floor. Ready to install a cork floor, or maybe add some energy efficient radiant heating? Just remember, when it’s renovation time the existing floor probably needs to be removed before you can move forward. So get the right tool for the job: this contractor-grade, made-in-the-USA flooring removal tool from Bully Tools.

The Bully floor scraper features a beefy 6-inch-wide steel blade which can be filed and sharpened as needed, and the 50″ fiberglass handle gives lightweight leverage for heavy usage. Old tile or laminate flooring comes up quickly & easily, and the scraper even does double duty as an ice chopper or sidewalk scraper in the winter months.

Besides helping you complete an earth-friendly renovation, Bully tools carry their own “green” twist. All of Bully’s tools are made in the US (produced at their factory in Stubenville, OH) and carry a lifetime warranty – avoiding both the waste of replacing lower-quality tools and the extra embodied energy of overseas shipping.
Green Renovation Made Easier: Bully Tools Flooring Remover
Bully Tools Scraper / Flooring Remover, $24.99 at Amazon.