Expanded Cork Insulation Coming To North America

Amorim Expanded Cork Insulation Coming To N. America

Cork is an incredibly green building material, and cork flooring products like VinaCork are one terrific application. But expanded cork is another ultra-efficient material for thermal and acoustic insulation, and Portuguese company Amorim Isolamentos is now introducing Expanded Insulation Cork Board to the American market.

Amorim Expanded Cork Insulation Coming To N. America
Some of the advantages of expanded cork as outlined by the folks over at BuildingGreen.com:
“Expanded Insulation Cork Board is a 100% natural, rigid-insulation material produced from natural cork. The cork forests are FSC-certified and the Amorim facilities are FSC chain of custody certified. To produce rigid boardstock insulation, cork granules are steam-heated in an autoclave, which expands the cork and activates a natural binder, suberin, that is in the cork; additional binders or other chemicals are not used in production.”

Amorim Expanded Cork Insulation Coming To N. America

Producing expanded cork panels in an autoclave

Expanded cork insulation provides thermal insulation of R 3.6 per inch, and also offers excellent sound insulation. It is vapor-permeable, and provides outstanding fire resistance without the addition of any flame retardants (when exposed to a torch, a 4-cm slab of expanded cork will resist burn-through for 60-90 minutes, as opposed to 10 seconds for polystyrene!) Expanded cork insulation can also provide credits toward LEED certification.

Amorim Expanded Cork Insulation Coming To N. America

Expanded cork offers excellent fire restance without flame retardants

Pricing for Amorim Insulating Cork Board is still being finalized; although it’s likely to be more expensive than other products like fiberglass, its sound insulating properties and eco-friendliness make it an exciting option. Learn more at the Amorim Isolamentos website.

(via Building Green – images courtesy of Amorim Isolamentos)