EonCoat: Ultra Durable, Zero-VOC Ceramic Paint

EonCoat: Ultra Durable, Zero-VOC Ceramic Paint

EonCoat is an incredibly durable and user-friendly ceramic paint, which makes it appealing to both homeowners and contractors.  And best of all, its spray-on formulation contains no toxic ingredients such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so it’s extremely eco-friendly as well.

EonCoat, produced in North Carolina, is a two-part non-organic ceramic paint whose two component parts are mixed in a sprayer during application).  It’s available in two types, EonCoat and EonCoat HT (high temperature), both of which are amazingly durable.  Resistance to corrosion, chemicals, abrasion, and fire are far superior to most commercially available competitors.  EonCoat can be be tinted to virtually any color, and it can be applied in a variety of texture effects.

EonCoat Non-Toxic Ceramic Paint

EonCoat Can Be Tinted To Virtually Any Color (image: EonCoat LLC)

Industrial-strength durability aside, what makes EonCoat such an environmentally friendly option?

– Its non-organic, zero-VOC formulation means contractors don’t need to handle hazardous materials or solvents, and homeowners don’t need to worry about airborne toxins after the finish is applied.

-EonCoat estimates that its manufacturing process creates just 3 lbs. of CO2 per gallon, which is approximately 90% less than standard paint production.

-The sprayer-mixed application means much less material is wasted from mixing different components in buckets.

-EonCoat’s durability means that surfaces won’t need to be repainted anytime soon.

Although EonCoat is more expensive by volume than other corrosion-resistant finishes, its overall application cost may actually be much cheaper (since metal requires no priming for EonCoat, second coats are not needed, and labor costs are much less).

Learn more at the EonCoat website.

(via BuildingGreen)