Energy Efficient Garage Doors: A Good Investment

Energy Efficient Garage Doors

Garage doors don’t get much respect, considering that they cover a substantial amount of space on a home. Even if your garage isn’t a climate-controlled space, moderating the temperature in a garage can save a ton of money and energy by protecting your living space from temperature extremes – so it’s worth investing in an energy efficient garage door.

A garage door is essentially an entire wall of a room. It needs to keep heat, cold, and foul weather out, so the best new models are made of durable materials like steel. There are wood and plastic options on the market too, but they’re usually more expensive and wood requires additional maintenance. Steel is completely recyclable, whereas plastic models are generally lighter weight and impervious to rust and rot. Ultimately it’s up to the homeowner to make the decision based on each design’s pros and cons.
Energy Efficient Garage Doors
Energy efficient garage doors typically contain polyurethane or polystyrene foam panels for insulation; depending on the thickness of the core layer, garage doors can achieve insulating R-values of 10 or more (some models from Clopay offer a whopping 17.2 R-value). Designs that integrate windows are available, but be aware that shatterproof acrylic windows won’t be as energy efficient as insulated glass windows. And don’t forget to be sure all gaps and edges are well sealed with gaskets and weather stripping.

Besides saving money on energy bills, a high quality garage door can increase the resale value of a home. And better durability means less frequent replacement, which saves money down the road and reduces waste. Another advantage of the heavier-duty construction found in many energy efficient garage door designs is their ability to withstand heavy winds and storms better than old models.
Energy Efficient Garage Doors
One important side note: since an energy efficient garage door will result in a more “sealed” garage space, make sure your indoor HVAC system maintains positive pressure inside your home, and that your garage is adequately vented to avoid vehicle fumes and other pollutants from entering your living space.

Clopay offers a wide range of energy efficient garage doors manufactured at their Ohio facility. Visit their website to learn more.