Edison LED Light Bulb From Panasonic

"Edison" LED Light Bulb From Panasonic

The best LED light bulbs emerging on the market are those that combine the performance and energy efficiency of LEDs with the warm, familiar glow of an incandescent bulb. Panasonic recently unveiled an Edison-style bulb with an LED “filament” that may finally help win over die-hard fans of dirty old incandescent lights.

"Edison" LED Light Bulb From Panasonic
The “Panasonic LDAHV4L27CG LED Nostalgic Clear Type” (catchy name, huh?) isn’t available in stores quite yet, but it did receive both a 2011 Good Design Award and a 2012 Gold iF Design Award for its innovative construction. The bulb delivers 210 lumens of warm, 2700K light with a color rendering index of 80 (comparable to a 20-watt accent bulb), and it consumes just 4.4 watts of power.

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The Panasonic Edison LED bulb has an ultra-long lifespan of 40,000 hours and contains no mercury. Also, it doesn’t look like a piece of futuristic lab equipment – it looks like, well, a plain old light bulb.

According to Panasonic,

“Since it is so similar to a conventional clear bulb in terms of its shape and the quality of light produced, it paves the way for seamless replacement of conventional bulbs with long-life energy-saving LED Clear Light Bulbs.”