DuRock Next Gen Cement Substrate/ Backer Board

Durock Cement Backer Board

USG’s DuRock concrete backer board is a high-performance building material that offers outstanding water & mold resistance, as well as excellent fire protection.  And it’s also a “green” product in several different ways.

DuRock is ideal for applications like shower enclosures where moisture can be a problem, and it can also be used for partitions, walls, floors, ceilings, or even countertops.  It’s suitable for use with wood or steel framing, and offers a Class A fire rating.

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So DuRock substrate is a solid performer – but how is it considered an environmentally friendly wall material?  First of all, preventing the growth of mold and mildew can help preserve indoor air quality, and may help homeowners avoid certain health issues like respiratory problems.  In addition, a durable structure that won’t need repair or replacement avoids the expense, wasted energy, and wasted materials of a renovation.
Durock Cement Backer Board
Finally, DuRock’s manufacturer, USG, has a track record of reducing energy and water consumption in the manufacturing of its products.  DuRock contains partially recycled material, and Next Gen cement board is substantially lighter than competing products, meaning far less embodied energy from transporting the product to job sites.

Visit USG’s DuRock website to learn more or find a distributor near you.

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