Durisol Insulated Concrete Forms: Green, Durable, Energy Efficient


Durisol insulated concrete forms are a versatile and eco-friendly building material. The forms are made from recycled scrap wood fiber bonded together with Portland cement, and contain integrated rockwool (mineral fiber) insulation.

Durisol Insulated Concrete Forms: Green, Durable, Energy Efficient

Durisol forms are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, depending on the needs of a specific building. Some of the advantages of Durisol include the following:


The material is extremely sound-absorbent for excellent acoustic insulation.

Thermal Insulation

Durisol ICFs are available in a range of configurations to fit the specific requirements of a project, providing thermal insulation R-values up to an impressive R-28.


The Durisol ICF system will not ignite, melt, or emit any toxic smoke, and it carries a 4-hour fire rating.

Impact Resistant

The ICF system is extremely durable, and stucco or drywall finishes can be applied directly to its surface.

Durisol Insulated Concrete Forms: Green, Durable, Energy Efficient

Air Quality

Durisol contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and emits no toxins into the air.

Mold Control

Durisol’s high PH level from the cement content naturally prohibits mold and fungal growth.

Termite Proof

Testing has shown Durisol to effectively resist any damage from termites even after years of exposure.

Environmentally Friendly + LEED Credits

Durisol contains no foam, polystyrene, or other environmentally unfriendly components. Besides improving a home’s energy efficiency, and keeping scrap wood out of landfills, Durisol ICFs can earn credits toward LEED certification in each of the following areas:

– Sustainable Sites
– Energy & Atmosphere
– Materials & Resources
– Indoor Environment Quality
– Innovation and Design
– Regional Priority

Learn more or request pricing information at the Durisol website: http://durisolbuild.com/