Delta Water Amplifying Low Flow Showerhead

Delta Water Amplifying Low-Flow Showerhead

As we mentioned in our earlier “Water Pebble” article, household water conservation is eco-friendly on multiple levels, plus it can substantially reduce utility bills.   Delta’s H2O Kinetic Water Amplifying Showerhead is a high-performance, low flow showerhead that will let you significantly reduce water use while still enjoying a luxurious shower.

Delta Water Amplifying Low-Flow Showerhead

The Delta design uses a dense, aerated spray pattern that replicates the feel and cleaning power of a higher flow fixture, while using just 1.85 gallons of water per minute.  And if you need a quick drench, a volume control lever lets you switch to the 2.5 gpm full-flow mode.

Another advantage of the Delta model over some earlier low-flow showerheads is a patented internal design that eliminates clogging of the spray holes from minerals in the water.  And the showerhead is backed by Delta’s lifetime warranty.

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The Delta Water Amplifying Low-Flow Showerhead is available from Amazon for $29.98.