New Cree LED Light Bulbs Cost Less Than $10

Cree's New LED Lightbulb Costs Less Than $10

The newly-released line of LED lightbulbs from North Carolina-based Cree, Inc. could be a game-changer. They deliver all the performance and energy efficiency you’d expect from an LED bulb, with a familiar screw-in shape and a price tag of just $9.97.

Three Cree led light bulbs make up the family of new models. The 6-watt warm white bulb is a 450-lumen 40-watt equivalent, with a warm white color temperature of 2,700K. The 9-watt Daylight (5,000K) and 9.5-watt Warm White (2,700K) are both comparable to a 69-watt incandescent bulb.

Cree's New LED Lightbulb Costs Less Than $10

All of the bulbs are dimmable and cast even, omnidirectional light. Or as Cree puts it, “its non-weird shape casts a non-weird light”. They use roughly 85% less energy than comparable incandescent lightbulbs, and carry a 10-year warranty. Best of all, you can enjoy their energy savings without breaking the bank: prices start at just $9.97. Currently available exclusively through Home Depot.