Cork Homegoods by Bambu

Cork Homegoods by Bambu

Bambu is a Portland-based company that produces a range of beautifully designed, sustainable home products. And don’t be fooled by the name – although some of their items are, in fact, made from bamboo, it’s their line of cork homegoods that really caught our eye.

If you’re a regular ModernEnviro reader, you already know that cork is a pretty amazing material. And harvesting cork bark actually helps promote the growth of cork oak trees, making it incredibly sustainable as well. Cork flooring and cork insulation take advantage of its natural resiliency and insulating properties, but it’s also great for smaller items in the home. A few of our favorites:

Cork iPad Case

A flexible cork fabric shell, unbleached cotton lining, coconut buttons, and waxed cotton tie protect your iPad in beautiful rustic style.

Cork iPad Case, $36.00 at Amazon.


12″ Cork Serving Bowl

12" Cork Serving Bowl
FDA food safe, durable, naturally slip-resistant and anti-microbial. Perfect for your table.

Cork Serving Bowl, $59.99 at Amazon.

Cork Insulating Coffee Cuff / Sleeve

Cork Insulating Coffee Cuff Sleeve
Take advantage of cork’s incredible insulating properties on your morning commute by keeping one of these in your bag or glovebox. Flexible & foldable, plus it’s machine washable!

Cork Insulating Coffee Cuff / Sleeve, $8.99 at Amazon.


14″ Cork Cutting Board

Cork Cutting Board
FDA food safe and impermeable to liquids, slip-resistant, and cushions knife blades to keep them sharp. Plus cork is a naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal material.

14″ Cork Cutting Board, $29.99 at Amazon.