Cork Flooring & Wall Covering: Habitus Cork Mosaic Tiles

Cork Flooring & Wall Covering: Habitus Cork Mosaic Tiles

Habitus Finishes, based in New York City, offers cork mosaic tiles that provide a beautiful and sustainable surface for floor and wall coverings.

Cork flooring in a bathroom - cork tiles in shower

Habitus cork mosaic tiles are produced in a natural, uncoated finish. If desired, the cork can be colored with a standard wood stain and sealed. Cork Mosaic is available in two chip sizes (1″ diameter or 1-3/8″ diameter); combined with different colors of grout, the tiles offer an infinite range of color possibilities.

Cork flooring in a bathroom - cork tiles in shower

Advantages of Cork Flooring

Easy to Install: The cork mosaic tiles are installed just like any matted tile. Cork mosaic sheets measure approximately 12″ x 24″, and can be easily trimmed during installation with a utility knife or shears.

Non-Allergenic: Besides avoiding dust and allergens that can accumulate in carpet, cork naturally contains a waxy substance called Suberin which also inhibits mold and bugs like termites.

Resilient Surface: Cork contains millions of tiny air bubbles, which give it a resilient texture. Cork flooring provides excellent shock absorption underfoot, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation.

Natural and Sustainable Material: Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, in a completely sustainable process that is healthy for the trees. The cork discs used in Habitus tile are recycled waste material from the production of wine stoppers.

Cork Flooring in Showers & Bathrooms

Cork mosaic tiles can be an excellent choice for bathroom floors, since cork is softer and warmer underfoot than stone or ceramic tile – it just requires proper installation.

Cork flooring in a bathroom - cork tiles in shower

A high-quality water-based polyurethane finish is especially important when cork is installed in wet areas like showers or bathroom, in order to prevent swelling or peeling of the tiles. Once the tiles are installed on the floor or wall surfaces, the manufacturer recommends 2-3 coats of sealant before grouting (if using a colored stain, seal the tiles after the stain has been applied). After applying an unsanded grout, seal the entire surface again with polyurethane to ensure complete water-resistance.

In addition to delivering excellent performance and comfort, Habitus cork mosaic tiles can also contribute points toward LEED certification. For more information, visit the Habitus Finishes website: