Convenient, Odorless Kitchen & Indoor Composting

Convenient, Odorless Indoor & Kitchen Composting

We recently discovered a couple great options for indoor composting, perfect for kitchen use. Effective composting needs to be convenient enough to make it practical, and having a small indoor composting bin in addition to an outdoor compost pile or container is a great solution.

Full Circle Green Slate Kitchen Compost Bin

Full Circle Green Slate Kitchen Compost Bin

The Full Circle compost bin integrates air channels into its inner walls and base, allowing for aerobic breakdown of the materials inside. Used with a biodegradable liner bag, this design also eliminates much of the odor and moisture that can build up in sealed bins (so no charcoal filter is required). The spring-loaded lid features perforation holes that prevent insects from entering, and it’s heavy-duty construction will stand up to regular kitchen use.

Full Circle Green Slate Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Collector, $25.99 at Amazon.

BioBag biodegradable & compostable liner bags, (great for other compost pails as well). $20.56 at Amazon (pack of 100).


Chef’n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin

Chef'n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin

The Chef’n EcoCrock countertop compost bin is a simple, elegant option. The ceramic base contains a 3-quart liner pail, and the vented lid contains a charcoal filter to eliminate odors. The EcoCrock includes two of the disposable filters, and replacement filters are available separately.

Chef’n EcoCrock Countertop Compost Bin, $38.79 at Amazon.

Natural charcoal compost pail filter refills, $5.99 (2-pack).


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