LifeEdited Studio Apartment Converts To 8 “Rooms” (VIDEO)

Life Edited Studio Apartment Converts Into 8 Rooms

Graham Hill (founder of among other ventures) recently spearheaded the design of an ultra-efficient apartment space in New York City. It’s an energy efficient home, courtesy of its small footprint and features like built-in solar powered phone chargers. But most impressive is its incredibly efficient use of space, essentially squeezing 8 distinct living spaces […]

Kebony – Sustainable, Biowaste-Treated “Tropical Hardwood”

Kebony - Sustainable, Biowaste-Treated "Tropical Hardwood"

Tropical hardwoods like teak, Ipé, and Mahogany are extraordinarily durable and beautiful building materials.  Unfortunately, exotic hardwoods are very slow-growing, and extracting them for use is often a pretty environmentally nasty business.  Kebony comes from sustainable, readily-available woods that are treated with biowaste-derived extracts to mimic the performance of hardwoods.

Eco-Friendly Building In Nicaragua: Holly Beck’s Hip-E Habitat

Holly Beck's Hip-E Habitat Blog

Holly Beck is widely known for her skills in the water as a professional surfer, but she’s also involved with a wide range of projects promoting positive social and environmental change.  Her Hip-E Habitat website chronicles her experiences with sustainable, eco-friendly building, focused largely on creating an environmentally friendly home base in Nicaragua.