Best Rechargeable Batteries & Battery Chargers: Top Picks

Best Rechargeable Batteries & Battery Chargers

Psst… wanna save some money?  How about have a set of fully charged batteries ready whenever you need them?  And keep toxic waste out of landfills?  Then it’s time to make the switch to next-generation, high-performance rechargeable batteries.  Read on for Modern Enviro’s top picks.

Browse through reviews of the best rechargeable batteries and it’s clear that new “low self discharge” models are a HUGE improvement from older designs.  These nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries retain their charge through years of storage; they deliver better, more consistent performance in household devices; and they can be recharged hundreds or even thousands of times.

Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries By Sanyo

Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries & Battery Charger

Eneloop rechargeable batteries from Sanyo have set the industry standard for low self discharge models since they hit the market five years ago.  They retain 75% of their charge after 3 years of storage, and they’re available in AA and AAA sizes (adapter modules are also available to use Eneloops in place of C batteries or D batteries).

Eneloop Rechargeable Battery Kit (charger, 8-AAs, 4-AAAs), $30.79 at Amazon.

GP Recyko Rechargeable Batteries

GP Recyko Rechargeable Batteries

GP’s Recyko rechargeable batteries are a newer player in the field, but they claim some even more impressive specs:  85% charge retention, and over 2,000 mAh capacity (translation:  they hold a lot of juice, and do it for a long time, which makes them another great option for all-around household use).

GP Recyko Rechargeable Batteries (AA 8-pack), $13.32.

GP Recyko Rechargeable Batteries (AAA 8-pack), $9.68

La Crosse BC-700 Alpha Power Battery Charger

La Crosse BC-700 Alpha Power Battery Charger

The La Crosse BC-700 is a user-friendly, full-featured charger is compatible with both AA and AAA batteries – including new NiMH rechargeables as well as older NiCad (nickel cadmium) batteries.  It offers charge, discharge, refresh, and test modes, and users can select 3 different charge speeds to prolong battery life.  The La Crosse charger also features an LCD readout for each individual battery’s charge level and capacity.

La Crosse Alpha Power Battery Charger, available at Amazon for $29.99.

Brunton Solo BattPack Battery Charger / Power Pack

Brunton Solo BattPack Battery Charger / USB Charger / Power Pack

A power pack like this one can be used for general household charging, but can also be used to store power from a solar charger when traveling or camping.  Up to 4 AA or AAA rechargeable batteries fit inside the casing, which charges the batteries by plugging into a standard AC outlet or portable solar array.  The batteries can be removed and used in devices, or small electronics like cell phones can be charged from the Brunton’s USB port.

Brunton Solo BattPack Battery Charger / USB Charger / Power Pack, $40.40 at Amazon.