The Best LED Light Ever? Cree’s New TrueWhite LED Bulb

Cree True White LED Light Bulb

Cree, Inc., already an industry leader in LED technology, has raised the bar even further with its new TrueWhite bulb.  The TrueWhite uses just a fraction of the electricity consumed by an incandescent or fluorescent bulb; it casts an exceptionally bright, warm light; and it’s even compatible with dimmable fixtures.

Some other, earlier LED light bulb designs have been perfect for applications like ceiling lighting, but have struggled with general-use applications like lamps due to brightness and light color.  The new Cree bulb aims to change all that, throwing over 800 lumens of light while also providing a much warmer glow than most LED bulbs (2,700K on the color temperature scale).  It uses less than 10 watts of power, so it’s extremely energy efficient, and the TrueWhite requires no active cooling mechanism.
Cree TrueWhite LED Light Bulb
Cree’s CEO, Chuck Swoboda, sums up the potential impact of this new bulb on the LED lighting sector:  “The industry has forgotten that LED lighting is supposed to look as good as the technology it is replacing. This is the first no-compromise replacement for a 60-watt incandescent bulb.”
Cree TrueWhite LED Light Bulb
Cree declares the TrueWhite to be “the brightest, most-efficient, LED-based A-lamp that can meet ENERGY STAR® performance requirements for a 60-watt standard LED replacement bulb.”

Visit Cree’s TrueWhite website to learn more.