ASE Says Ultra-Efficient Passive Homes Gaining Popularity

Ultra-Efficient Passive Homes Gaining Popularity

The “Passive House” movement grew out of experimental super-efficient building techniques that emerged in Europe in the 1970s.  And according to a recent article published by the Alliance to Save Energy, North America has quietly been joining the trend in recent years.

Instead of providing energy from renewable sources like solar power, passive homes drastically reduce the amount of power they consume in the first place.  Sealing and insulating structures as completely as possible are the keys to this performance, and the standards set forth by Germany’s Passivhaus Institut to certify a home are extremely rigorous.

Nonetheless, the added expense of building such energy-efficient homes can be offset by the cost savings of minimal utility bills, and the Passive House Institute US is now beginning to certify homes in the American market.  Read the entire article here: “Extreme Energy Efficiency: Passive Houses In North America” at the ASE website.

(Via Alliance to Save Energy)